Promotion & Tenure

Here is a list of reappointment, promotion, and tenure (RPT) contacts within each college who are available to answer specific questions related to the process: 

College of Design
Michelle Rinehart

College of Computing
Charles Isbell or Marcus Johnson

College of Engineering
Kim Kurtis or Terri Lee

College of Sciences
Julia Kubanek or Erin Nagle

Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
Joanna Jeskova

Scheller College of Business
Peter Thompson

These additional resources will also help you navigate the RPT process at Georgia Tech: 

  • College of Engineering RPT Resources. The College of Engineering has put together a host of RPT resources that are helpful to faculty in engineering and Georgia Tech's other colleges. 
  • Faculty Handbook Section on Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty. Information about Georgia Tech's policies regarding tenure can be found in this section of the handbook. 
  • CV Format. (.docx) This is the standard RPT CV format that the Institute requires. Please note that colleges may have additional or specific requirements beyond those listed here. Any faculty member going through the RPT process should contact his/her college before beginning to format or reformat his/her CV. (Please note that changes were made to this document in 2017.)
  • CIOS Scores Table. (.xlsx) Scores for the Course Instructor Opinion Survey. 
  • CIOS Normative Data from 2001-Present.