APL Mentoring Program

The Georgia Tech APL (pronounced "apple") Mentoring Network for Academic Professionals and Lecturers is a volunteer-led program is designed to meet the professional development needs particular to Academic Professionals and Lecturers at Georgia Tech, brought to you by the vice provosts of Undergraduate Education and Graduate Education and Faculty Development.  

Some potential benefits of participation are:

  • Meeting other lecturers and academic professional faculty on campus and growing your network
  • Having a partner to help you consider pathways for professional growth
  • Sharing what you do professionally with supportive colleague
  • Receiving training on how to get the most from your mentoring relationship
  • Having a designated time to think about your own professional development
  • Helping to create a community of dedicated professionals that will make Georgia Tech an even better place to educate the leaders of tomorrow

The program begins each Fall with a full-group orientation, and will match you with a mentor or mentee that you will meet with regularly. We also have several group mentoring/learning sessions throughout the year. You are welcome to join mid-year to attend group sessions, but one-on-on matches are only made in the fall (the application will be linked here in August).

APL Mentoring Co-Organizers:

For more information, please contact the APL Mentoring Co-Organizers: