Instructor of Record Banner Access

Georgia Tech is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Colleges (SACSCOC). Grading requests (Banner/OSCAR access) are granted to authorized instructional faculty of Georgia Tech whose credentials meet the standards of SACSCOC, whose original transcripts are on file with the Office of Faculty Affairs, and who has signed a FERPA Acknowledgement Form. Note that Banner instructor access is separate from Canvas instructional roles.

Once the official transcript for the qualifying degree(s) for instruction has been submitted to the Office of Faculty Affairs, the authorized School or College departmental representative may request Banner instructor access on behalf of the faculty member by completing the Banner Access Request Form and uploading the signed FERPA Acknowledgement Form (2 pages). Documents should have an original signature or secure electronic signature.

Official transcripts may be delivered to the Office of Faculty Affairs in Suite 111 of the A. French Building (campus mail code 0740). Regarding transcripts, please note the following guidelines:

  • All official transcripts must be issued to the Office of Faculty Affairs or a department representative. Transcripts issued to the student must be submitted to the department representative in an official sealed envelope.
  • Secure, certified electronic transcripts may be issued to
  • Once the electronic transcript has been downloaded or the seal on the envelope is broken by a departmental representative, s/he should sign and date the transcript's first page. Representative are urged to use a secure electronic signature; however, Faculty Affairs will accept transcripts that have been hand-signed and dated.
  • For non-US institutions, a foreign credential evaluation must be provided in addition to the degree documents. For university systems in which English language transcripts are not available, please submit a copy of the diploma or foreign language transcript accompanied by a report from a professional credential evaluation service (from a AICE or NACE member organization). A credential evaluation service is not the same as a translation service; contact your local administrator for suggestions.
  • For employees who hold joint appointments with Emory or another University System of Georgia institution, Faculty Affairs will accept a copy of the credentialing file from the other institution.
  • For employees of Georgia Tech - Lorraine, Faculty Affairs will accept a copy of the credentialing information on file at GTL if clearly comprehensible by Faculty Affairs Staff.
  • For Georgia Tech degrees and Graduate Student Teaching Assistant instructor requests, the unit may submit the "Advisor Transcript" generated securely via GT Reports-GTAAD.

For questions related to transcripts or Banner access, please contact Faculty Affairs.


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