Leave of Absence

Faculty leave of absence (LOA) requests require the approval of the Office of the Provost via the Office of Faculty Affairs. You can find the form to request an LOA here. Please consult your school and college administrators for assistance in completing the process.

Policy References
Educational and Professional Leave Extensions

According to BOR Policy Manual on Educational and Professional Leave, LOAs that go beyond one year — with or without pay — require the approval of the chancellor or his designee. At Georgia Tech, the LOA extension request is made by the Office of the President after approvals within the Office of the Provost have been obtained.

Please submit LOA extension requests at least two months in advance of the start date. In order to qualify for an LOA extension, the following must be submitted to Faculty Affairs via GT-TRACS, selecting Orgs 609 and 600 as approvers:

  • LOA form
  • Strong letters of recommendation by the dean and school chair outlining a) how ongoing duties and responsibilities will be covered, b) the benefit to the Institute, and c) faculty accomplishments during the leave for which an extension is requested.

Once the materials have been received and have undergone review, Faculty Affairs will notify the schools and colleges of the request status. Because extension approvals are contingent upon the chancellor, careful consideration should be made by the schools and colleges before advancing these requests.