Research Faculty Hiring

Step-by-step instructions for posting and filling research positions:




  1. Determine the appropriate faculty rank category.
  2. Post the position via the Careers module in OneUSG Connect.
    • The hiring department is responsible for posting the position for at least five business days via Careers.
    • Additional postings may be completed using a third party site(s) using the Job Posting URL in the Careers opening.
  3. Complete the GT-TRACS hiring package.
    • Once a candidate is selected, complete the hiring package.
    • All packages should be routed through GT-TRACS.
    • The hiring package is reviewed and approved by the office of Faculty Affairs.
  4. Once the hiring package is approved, offer the position to the candidate.
    • The office of Faculty Affairs will review the hiring package. GT-TRACS will send an approval notice through the system. The approval date will serve as the effective date for the package. 
  5. Submit the hire transaction in OneUSG Connect.
  6. Prepare the formal offer letter and contact the candidate.
    • All signed, executed offer letters should be uploaded to the GT-TRACS hiring package. 


  • Follow the same process outlined above for regular positions.
  • Exceptions:
    • No Position Vacancy Announcement (PVA) or Affirmative Action Tracking sheets are required.
    • These positions will last up to two years. The end date must be included in the draft offer lettter and the OneUSG Connect hire transaction. 




Postdoctoral Fellows
  • Follow the procedure for hiring Regular Research Faculty outlined above.


  • No Position Vacancy Announcement (PVA) or Affirmative Action Tracking sheets are needed.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow appointments require evidence of the Ph.D. (or equivalent degree) in the form of an official transcript.
    • A candidate may also be appointed if the he/she has completed all of the requirements for the degree (coursework, defense, final dissertation submitted, etc.), but the degree has not yet been formally conferred. In this case, the candidate must provide evidence that all of the degree requirements have been met, along with a date of graduation. This may be stated on the official transcript or in an official letter from the institution.
    • In all cases, the final, official transcript must be on file once the degree has been awarded.
Postdoctoral Scholars
  • Required documents and signatures
    • Copy of Offer/Invitation Letter
    • Resume/Vitae
    • Funding letter from sponsoring agency
    • Completed Background Check



Visiting Research Faculty are senior scholars and distinguished visitors who typically hold a doctoral degree or the foreign equivalent and who hold an appointment comparable to those of Georgia Tech faculty, and are usually on temporary leave from their universities, research centers or labs.

They visit the campus for relatively short periods of time, usually no longer than a year, serve as senior researchers, collaborate on research projects and publications with faculty members, and/or pursue independent research, under the invitation of a faculty member of Georgia Tech.

Ordinarily, Visiting Research Faculty are self-supported, or have adequate supporting funds. These positions may or may not be benefits eligible due to the percent time worked (50% time or higher for 6 months or longer). These positions are not eligible for faculty voting rights. This title will replace all other Visiting Research Titles and job codes.

The non-exempt job code for Visiting Research Faculty should be used if the candidate will be making less than $684 a week or does not meet the FLSA annual minimum salary of $35,568.

Benefits Eligible
Non Benefits Eligible
  • Copy of Offer Letter
  • Resume/Vitae
  • Completed Background Check
  • Funding letter from sponsor institution (if applicable)

All Packages must be routed through GT-TRACS:

  • The approval date will serve as the effective date for the package
  • Faculty Affairs verifies all information
  • Candidate will then have approval to complete new hire paperwork

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