Active Service: Modified Duties

Georgia Tech recognizes that a faculty member may need to construct a modified workload and flexible schedule for a short time due to family commitments. These circumstances — which inhibit only the manner of work assignments and not the ability to undertake a full-time workload — include the birth or adoption of a child, or the severe illness of a parent, spouse, or child.

Active Service Modified Duties (ASMD) [updated 11/09/2023] requests are approved at the discretion of the Office of the Provost. In order to qualify for an ASMD request, the faculty member must:

  • Be a full-time academic faculty member with regular teaching duties. Note: visiting and limited term faculty are not eligible for the ASMD program.
  • Work at 100 percent time during the ASMD period.
  • Outline additional duties that will be undertaken to make up for any reductions in typical service.

The plan of proposed activities is developed in consultation with the school chair and the dean’s office. The duties may be school-based or college-based or a combination of the two.

How to Submit an ASMD Request

The faculty member should submit a completed, signed ASMD Request Form to the school chair or dean, who will add information regarding the department's plans for covering teaching responsibilities. 

When possible, this should be submitted at least one semester prior to the qualifying event. The school will submit the request as an "other" package in GT-TRACS with the college and Faculty Affairs as an approver and a commitment to the Provost's Office (org 600) for the cost of replacement teaching.

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When 100 Percent Work Is Not Possible

For modifications to current work situations that require an overall reduction in service, other avenues may be more appropriate and available. Please refer to the following Georgia Tech resources: