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Steps for Hiring Regular, Full-Time Faculty

Below is a sample process with links for hiring regular, full-time faculty. This process will differ slightly for part-time positions and others but the below outline can be used as a helpful starting point. HR can provide additional support for position-specific processes. 
  1. Determine Appropriate Faculty Category What Should Their Title Be 
  2. Request or Update Position Number
  3. Submit Critical Hire Justification Critical Hire to the Service Desk
  4. Appoint a Search Committee
  5. Develop and Post Advertisement in Careers
  6. Applicant Screening and Interviews
  7. Request to Negotiate (Senior Academic Hires) Contact Provost’s Office
  8. Verbal Negotiations
  9. Draft Offer Letter Offer Letter Templates HRAP Salary Exception Request (if current employee receiving an increase > 9.9% over previous FY end salary)
  10. Create GT-TRACS Package: GT-TRACS Package Requirements
  11. Change package status to “accepted”, Upload Signed Offer Letter, and link GTID to package GT-TRACS
  12. Careers Hire Transaction
  13. Request Banner Instructor Access (if teaching)
  14. Supplemental Pay for Relocation (if applicable)

This is an example of the hiring process and can differ based on many factors, for example part-time hires or the rehiring of a retiree. Your departmental Human Resources representative will be able to assist you in following the appropriate process for your specific hire.