Faculty Professional Development Resources

Writing Resources 

Maximizing Your Writing Process 

Slides from Workshop (.pdf)

Whether formal or informal, we all have a writing process that we can identify and strengthen. Use this resource to outline you current writing process and identify areas for improvement and experimentation to better achieve your writing goals.

Designing Your Writing Pipeline 

Handout from Workshop (.docx)

A writing pipeline is a way of listing, organizing, and visualizing writing projects, from ideas to completed publications, so that you can see what’s in process and where any gaps might need to be filled. Use the handout to map your pipeline and prepare for future writing projects.

Overcoming Writer's Block

Slides from Workshop (.pdf)

We've all been there - you sit down to write, but nothing comes. Learn easy strategies for overcoming writer's block and the dreaded blank page into order to get moving quickly.

Mentoring Graduate Student Writers

Slides from Workshop (.pdf)

Learning to write for academic publications as a graduate student can be a challenging process, but a good mentor makes all the difference. Learn strategies for supporting your students’ writing development with this resource.

Strategic Planning Resources 

Creating a Semester Strategic Plan 

Slides from Workshop (.pdf)

Walk through a practical process to determine your priorities for the semester, break those priorities into smaller tasks, and use your calendar to maximize your productivity.

Building your Summer Plan 

Handout from Workshop (.docx)

Use the handout to think through your summer productivity plan and realistically map your activities.

Resources for Managing Relationships

Creating Solid Mentoring Relationships 

Slides from Workshop (.pdf)

Use the strategies and questions in this workshop to actively design healthy and fruitful mentoring relationships by setting goals and expectations early in the process.

The Art and Science of Saying “No” 

Slides from Workshop (.pdf)

Why do we say “yes” when we really mean “no”? How do we politely but firmly say no that aren’t a match for our goals? Use the strategies in this workshop to become better at saying no when you need to.

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Career Development Resources

Defining Your Values and Purpose 

Handout from Workshop (.pdf)

Understanding your personal and professional values and purpose for the work that you do allows you to make better decisions when requests and opportunities come your way. Complete the two practical exercises on the handout to define your values and purpose and learn how to apply them as a heuristic for decision-making in the future.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome 

Slides from Workshop (.pdf)

Ever feel like you don’t belong and someone is going to figure that out sooner or later? You might be experiencing imposter syndrome, which is unfortunately common among academics. Explore what imposter syndrome is, and learn some practical strategies for overcoming these feelings of self-doubt for a more successful and fulfilling career.

Communicating Your Accomplishments 

Slides from Workshop (.pdf)

While we might hope that good work speaks for itself, there are many situations in which academics need to be able to share their accomplishments, which is not always the most comfortable thing for many of us to do. Learn several strategies for sharing your work more openly.