Welcome Wreck

Welcome Wreck is a Georgia Tech initiative designed to foster a welcoming environment for newly hired research faculty members.

The program invites seasoned research faculty ambassadors from across campus to act as emissaries to welcome newcomers to our community. This initiative symbolizes Georgia Tech’s commitment to nurturing a supportive and collaborative faculty community for all, ensuring that new members feel valued from the moment they join the Institute.

How it Works

With a primary goal of extending a heartfelt welcome to newcomers, the lead Welcome Wreck ambassador receives a list of newly hired research faculty and matches them with available ambassadors. After the matching process, an email is sent to both the ambassador and the newly hired research faculty member, providing details of their match and encouraging them to schedule a meeting. Subsequently, the ambassador and the newly hired research faculty member schedule a meeting, preferably at a campus location. During this meeting, the ambassador welcomes the newcomer to Georgia Tech and presents a welcome bag.

The welcome bag is more than just a collection of items—it is a tangible symbol of our commitment to hospitality and inclusivity. It is our way of saying “Welcome to the Georgia Tech family!”

Get Involved

Interested in contributing as an ambassador? Want more information about Welcome Wreck? 

Reach out to Dr. Zerrin Ondin-Fraser at zondin6@gatech.edu. Dr. Ondin-Fraser is available to provide additional information, address inquiries, and assist with the ambassador onboarding process.

Thank you for considering participation.

Research scientists are pictured as a group in the Takayama Lab, housed in the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Meet the Ambassadors

Ambassadors are seasoned members of the research faculty community at Georgia Tech who play a pivotal role in the “Welcome Wreck” initiative. These experienced research faculty members serve as emissaries, tasked with extending a warm welcome to newly hired research faculty members.


Carrie Bruce, Principal Research Scientist & Assistant Director MS-HCI, Institute for People and Technology & School of Interactive Computing

Current Lead

Zerrin Ondin-Fraser, Research Scientist II, Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation


Maribeth Coleman, Regents’ Researcher, Institute for People and Technology

Christine Conwell, Director of Planning and Operations, Strategic Energy Institute

Alex Duncan, Associate Director of Student Experience for OMSCS, College of Computing

Elena Garcia, Senior Research Engineer, Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory

Anthony Giarrusso, Senior Research Scientist, Center for Spatial Planning Analytics and Visualization

Salimah LaForce, Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Advanced Communications Policy

Jeonghyun (Jonna) Lee, Director of Research in Education Innovation, Division of Lifetime Learning

Anna Österholm, Director of Organic Materials Characterization Lab, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Noah Posner, Research Scientist, Institute for People and Technology, School of Industrial Design

Jeff Young, Senior Research Scientist, School of Computer Science

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